1. What is my tax number? – Phone FFS on 021 785 7013
  2. What is SARS contact number? – 0800007277
  3. Where is SARS located? – Cape Town, 11 Long Street : Bellville, OA De Lange Street.
  4. When are current taxes due? – 1 July to November
  5. What documentation do I have to supply? – See FFS links
  6. When am I getting my refund? – Phone FFS on 021 785 7013
  7. How do I pay SARS? – efiling or load SARS as a beneficiary to pay EFT or at a bank
  8. Why have SARS asked for documentation? – to verify financial information on submitted tax return
  9. Does Angela go out to see clients or must they come to her? – Angela does go to see clients if they prefer not to come into the office
  10. Do you form new companies? – Yes